Waste Water Treatment
The necessity to reduce water usage and recycle water back to process has created a need for new chemical
technologies. D & L Water Control provides a complete line of waste water polymers for oily waste, solids
separation, metal removal technology and food plant waste water. GRAS certified products are also available. We
can provide reduction of BOD in your waste water with unique advanced oxidation process equipment or chemical
treatment programs. DLWC is providing FGD Waste Water Treatment at the DTE Monroe Power Plant in Michigan.

D & L Water Control can provide solutions to your most complicated problems. Our history of solving problems that
the competition has not been able to accomplish is what makes us different then the rest. We currently provide
unique waste treatment and ground water cleanup technologies that provide cost effective waste water
management. Our long list of satisfied customers provide you with the confidence to let D & L Water Control work
with you to provide the waste water management program that is right for your plant.

We offer you the following key components:

  •   Eliminate waste surcharges
  •   Ground water remediation
  •   Excellent oil or solids removal
  •   Metals removal systems

The use of D & L Water Control Waste Water Product Line and Services will help achieve maximum system
performance and cost effective operation.

Automatic polymer feed equipment from D & L Water Control will help enhance the waste water program and
reduce chemical usage which will provide a cleaner environment for your community.
D & L Water Control, Inc. (DLWC)
7534 Baron Drive
Canton, MI 48170
Benefits for our Customers:

  •   Eliminate down time caused by improper chemical control
  •   Provide a cleaner environment
  •   Lower labor costs with automatic polymer feed control
  •   Reduced out of compliance costs
  •   Improved system performance