Cooling Water Treatment
The current need to establish better system performance and minimize down time for heat exchanger cleaning has
never been more important. The desire to reduce water usage and still maintain clean heat transfer surfaces is more
difficult then ever. Microbiological induced corrosion can cause  severe damage to system components without proper
chemical treatment. Environmental restrictions often make the solution to a biological problem even more

D & L Water Control can provide solutions to your most complicated problems. We have developed cooling water
chemicals that provide scale and corrosion control in systems with condensate or softened makeup water as well as
hard well water makeup systems. Our history of solving problems that the competition has not been able to
accomplish is what makes us different then the rest. We often say you have tried the rest now try the best. Our long list
of satisfied customers provide you with the confidence to let D & L Water Control work with you to provide the water
management program you have always wanted.

We offer you the following key components:

  •   Maximum heat transfer
  •   Microbiological fouling Control
  •   Excellent corrosion and fouling protection
  •   Eliminate potential health concerns

The use of D & L Water Control Acutrace Cooling Water Product Line and Acutrol Plus Web Based Control Systems
you will achieve maximum system performance and cost effective operation.

Acutrol Plus web-based control collects and stores the information needed to establish trends that will provide optimal
performance of the Acutrace Cooling Water Treatments.
D & L Water Control, Inc. (DLWC)
7534 Baron Drive
Canton, MI 48170
Benefits for our Customers:

  •   Eliminate down time caused by improper chemical control
  •   Reduced maintenance costs
  •   Lower labor costs for repairs or replacement
  •   Reduced capital expense
  •   Improved system performance
We currently provide chemicals for
cooling water systems with volumes in
excess of 200 million gallons and
recirculation rates up to 35,000 gpm.
Additional Information:
  •   Cooling Water Product Data Sheets