D&L Water Control, Inc. (DLWC) was incorporated in 1990.  The experience of our personnel includes key
individuals with over 25 years in the water treatment industry. Our capabilities encompass skillful research and
development of products, inventory managing, manufacturing, warehousing delivery and intense technical service.

We have an outstanding reputation in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and New York. The size of our
company not only allows for individual attention to our customers needs, but it also allows us to foster an intimate
team approach to company management.

The initial strategy for our customers involves evaluating the requirements, establishing a plan of action,
implementing the program and reviewing the program on a regular basis.


  •   Effective, efficient, high quality chemical management.
  •   Regular, meaningful consulting service
  •   Prevention of scale and corrosion in all systems
  •   Documentation of results
  •   Excel database, graphing of systems results, and trend analysis
  •   On site complete water analysis and corrosion analysis
  •   ATP Microbiological analysis, Anaerobic, and dip slide testing
We strive to provide the highest level of personnel integrity so that we continually make recommendations with our
customers best interests in mind.

We assign a technically competent account management staff to assure
ideal system results at each location.
D & L Water Control provides quality
Water Management Programs to our
customers utilizing ISO 9001-2008
certification and a constant emphasis on
improvement.  Click the contact us to find
out how D & L Water Control can help
your facility.
D & L Water Control, Inc. (DLWC)
7534 Baron Drive
Canton, MI 48170
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