At the end of 2007 we added Reverse Osmosis Equipment to our water treatment product line as part of our new
Green Savings Program. The Green Savings Program is our commitment  to reducing energy use and carbon
dioxide emissions. The use of Reverse Osmosis Equipment for boiler makeup water can provide considerable
savings on chemical and fuel. A typical 1 million pound per day facility producing 150psi steam can save over
$50,000 a year in fuel. The chemical cost will be reduced by approximately 25% due to higher cycles of
concentration and reduction of neutralizing amine feed.  
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New Technology saves customer 1 million dollars a year:
D & L Water Control, Inc. (DLWC)
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New Locations:
At the end of 2005 we helped one of our customers develop a new AOP treatment program to breakdown organic
chemicals in ground water. We supplied new ozone treatment equipment and chemical which enabled them to
reduce their ground water cleanup costs by over one million dollars in 2006.  This new technology replaced the
existing ultraviolet  light system and reduced chemical usage by 60%.
Reverse Osmosis Equipment Added as part of our Green Savings Program:
In 2011 DLWC has expanded into Alabama. This brings the total to eight states. D & L Water Control, Inc.
Continues to expand its customer base.
We currently also supply service and chemicals to Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, New York, Kentucky, Nevada, Alabama
and Indiana. Plans also call for expanding our customer base in New York, Ohio and Indiana. If you have a plant in
any of these locations and would like a free evaluation of your current water treatment program click the contact us
box and we will set up a visit to explain the DLWC program benefits.
In 2009 DLWC was awarded the contract for chemical and service at the new DTE Monroe Power Plant FGD
Scrubber System. Start up of the first unit took place this summer and the second unit went on line in the fall of
2009. DLWC is providing all of the chemical and services for the waste water treatment of the Flue Gas Scrubber
Waste Water and Sludge De-watering Process. The results have been excellent with average effluent mercury
levels below 1ppb.
Acumet 4150 has been used for mercury removal at DTE Monroe since 2009 with great success. The plant
originally planned on using TMT 15 but decided to use the Acumet 4150 for a potential cost savings.
The Acumet 4150 has provided a savings of over $150,000.00 a year. Total savings to date is over half a million
In the summer of 2009 we moved to a new facility. The new facility provides us with increased storage capacity
and the ability to manufacture large Reverse Osmosis Systems. The new plant is located at 7534 Baron Drive
less than a mile from our old location in Canton, Michigan.
New Employees:
In March of 2012 we added Kirby Terakedis to our staff. Kirby comes to us with extensive experience. Kirby spent
20 years with Nalco and 7 years with MPW. Kirby has comprehensive experience in the industrial market place
with automotive, primary metals. papermaking, petroleum refining, chemical processing, power generation and
steel making knowledge. He also has successful Tier 1 and Tier 2 chemical management contract experience.